I could use a little help using TB for delivering an actual video, not a slideshow made from the stills.  I have made a video walk through, edited with iMovie and it now lives on YouTube.  Can anyone here tell me what I need to do to deliver the video, along with stills, to the client?  Do I copy the URL into the Custom Link window?  What is the window called 'Link Text' for?  Is that just a window to type in whatever title you want for your video? 

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Comment by Burke Even on March 23, 2017 at 10:11am

Did you ever get this figured out?

If you use TB for this you'd have to upload the stills and video into a tour on TB, make sure your customer is allowed to download the pictures and video (client panel options on the Info tab of the tour), then "Publish Photos Only". The email your customer gets should have a link that doesn't require a password that will allow them to download the media. Don't publish the tour and it will save you a few bucks.

I rarely do this because most realtors want an active tour too, but I think this is what you're asking.

If you're on a Mac put everything in a zip file, attach and send to your client and Mac Mail will automatically provide a link if the attachment is too large for email.


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