TourBuzz Service Update: Winter/Spring 2015

We've been busy adding new features and releasing a ton of bug fixes over the last few months. Here is a quick list of what’s new from winter/spring 2015.


  • We auto-detect MatterPort links in "customLink1" field and automatically play the MatterPort tour first. See an example of a tour featuring MatterPort.
  • There is a year-end tax report in Billing Central > View Account History.
  • Support for UAE, Honduras, and Tanzania address formats.

Bug Fixes:

  • New tour editor now blocks editing while save is pending. This fixed the bug where the new tour editor was getting hung up in certain cases, and it also eliminates the bug where the image sorting got corrupted.
  • Hotspot icons in mobile now line up properly after device has been rotated. They are also positioned more correctly now (offset by 1/2 width & height).


  • There are new permissions for additional Photographers:
    • Allow editing any tour
    • Allow editing any customer

* Note that use of these modes also enables the photographer to re-assign the tour/customer (respectively) to another photographer.

  • Embed links now embed the branded tour (previously they embedded the simple layout which didn't include any agent branding). The new embed links also support all of the custom tour link features.
  • Image names in the Export-to-Video, Gallery and Email-a-Tour sections will be hidden if they are turned off in the design.
  • The branding intro on Export-to-Video font sizes are now more consistent with the “Produced By” section of the tour (the Sponsor is smaller on Videos).
  • Provider logo now supports png and gif in addition to jpg to allow transparency. PNG recommended.
  • Customer logo and loading image now supports png and gif in addition to jpg to allow transparency. PNG recommended.
  • You can now get the image titles to align with the image edges if (and only if) you set the min/max aspect ratios accordingly.
  • The "Login" link is hidden on provider-branded pages if the new client panel is disabled and auto-invite customer to client center is disabled. This prevents confusion for providers that have their own logins and don't use our login-based client panel yet.
  • Tweaked language of order form to make more sense for agents.
  • Added a "Random Medium Zoom" Video Slide Show Program mode (Ken Burns effect).
  • Receipts in Billing Central now display company address.
  • TREB, OCAR, and Sacramento Metrolist syndication now send photos resized using our MLS photo resizing infrastructure.
  • The inbox page now indicates whether photos are compatible with print-quality treatment or not.

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Comment by Dave Clark on April 22, 2015 at 11:09am

I am now collaborating with an agency to take the 3D Walk Through with Matterport while I take the images and make the virtual tour.  The link works great  to open in a new page so it goes full frame. I also added it to the details page with an iFrame   <iframe width="853" height="480" frameborder="0" src="" allowfullscreen=""></iframe  You can view this on my sample tour:


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