TourBuzz Service Update: Vastly Improved Quality for Video Slideshow Effect

Improved Video Slideshow Quality

We know that our customers obsess over every detail during editing and expect the full quality and sharpness of their images to shine through during their presentation in TourBuzz. 

It's taken a lot of research and even more work to implement, but we have finally made the video slideshow effect work at a quality level that exceeds even our own expectations.

Your images now look sharp and crisp with minimal flickering artifacts.

Below is a YouTube video showing a side-by-side comparison. See the actual tour here. The old is on the left, the new is on the right. The images in this demo are some of the worst-case images we have collected over the years. They are very sharp, but also have patterns that can cause bad flickering artifacts when the video slideshow effect is applied. Be sure you're in HD mode or you won't be able to see the difference, it's quite a drastic improvement, and we want you to see the difference!

All photos uploaded from now on will automatically be available in the new quality. Because of the sheer number of images that have been added to our system over the years, it is going to take about 30 days for all of the previous imagery to be upgraded. We will make another announcement when the upgrade is complete.

Note that any photos added to existing tours will also look better, so if you need to upgrade an existing tour you can just re-upload the photos.

Other Fixes

  • Drag-n-drop between the navigation layers and other media has been improved, now works on Firefox, and has had several bugs fixed.


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Comment by Joel Bolton on May 5, 2014 at 1:09pm

Sharp, crisp, minimal artifacts. Way to go guys. Nice comparison. Looks fantastic. - Cheers, Joel


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