TourBuzz Service Update: Two New Skins and a few other improvements

We are pleased to announce a couple of new skins for general use!

New Skin: Simplicity

A very simple skin with thumbnails on the left and a large viewing area. Doesn't support floorplans yet.

New Skin: Competitive Upgrade #1

Many of our customers that have just started using TourBuzz use the opportunity to raise prices by "upselling" the TourBuzz tour. While this is a great way to justify a price increase, it also means you have to juggle two different systems and don't benefit from TourBuzz's time-saving production on all of your tours. Thus we have decided to offer some skins that resemble your "old" tour providers enough that you can use TourBuzz for all of your tours, and still use the new TourBuzz "look" as a way to upsell and/or raise your prices.

Other Minor Improvements
  • Added a "Special Instructions" field to the built-in order form that goes into the tour's "Internal Notes" field.
  • Added links to "View All My Tours" and RSS of same to the Client Panel. Customers were having a hard time finding these links now that this feature is "on-page" in the tours.
  • Added a "max" button when editing customized video slideshow to show the entire image with one click.
  • Tweak default fov/fovmin/fovmax for cylindrical panos so that they are always zoomed out all the way.
  • Various bugfixes to the built-in order form:
    • State is now a drop-down menu to prevent incorrect data entry
    • MLS Number errors now displayed properly
    • Form no longer "scrolls down" after loading
  • Tour edit screen no longer "scrolls down" after loading

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Comment by Gary Gunnerson on July 12, 2010 at 8:04pm
Where can I see a sample of the new competitive upgrade skin. I sure hope it looks like Obeo's, including separating panoramas from stills. I prefer the tour buzz skin, but I've had several requests for an Obeo look alike.

Gary Gunnerson
Comment by Paul Rodman on July 12, 2010 at 8:11pm
We have not done an Obeo like skin currently. We did one that is Boxy in the Design drop down. We will be adding more over time. They still take a good bit of work but we are getting better.


Comment by Rob Macmillan on July 15, 2010 at 3:56pm
I have done pictures for Obeo in the past. Right now I have two Realtors that used to use Obeo, One that wants a web page on TourBuzz that looks like Obeo's with all of Obeo features.. The other realtor does not want an Obeo look,they prefer a simple and easy to use page and any extra features they feel they can had to there own website.


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