We are excited to announce that we have recently added a couple new features: Panorama Direction Control and a Remember Me feature. In addition, the 2015 Purchase Totals are now available! 


Panorama Direction used to just pan to the right. Now, you can choose to Pan Right or Pan Left. This new direction works on the mobile player as well as all 2nd generation Designs.

     *Unsupported in Rounded Dock, Mint Tea, Boxy, and Simplicity.

Once your image is uploaded, you can edit the image. Within both the Pano Info tab and the Camera Editor tab you will find you can choose whether your image will pan right or pan left.  

For additional information, please visit our support page.

Remember Me

You are now able to select "Remember Me?" to avoid logging in each time you use TourBuzz!

2015 Purchase Totals

Your 2015 total purchases are now available by going to My Account> Billing Central> View Account History.

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