TourBuzz Service Update: Order Form Updates & Improvements

We are happy to announce that you can now create multiple order forms and customize your thank you message when an order is placed.

Creating Multiple Order Forms:

To create multiple order forms, all you need to do is enter your order form in the following format: form_Order_form_name description price

For example, let's create 2 order forms, one for Chicago and another for Milwaukee.

As long as you are using the correct format, you can apply this to every section on the page.

Upon saving with this format, Tourbuzz will automatically create two order form links and two embed codes.

*You are not limited to the number of order forms you are able to create using this format. 


Customized Thank You Message:

When one of your customers customers fills out an order form and hits submit, a thank you message will appear on their screen. You are now able to customize that thank you message and let your customers know the next steps. 

To learn more about order forms, visit our support article.

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Comment by Matthew on January 11, 2016 at 10:56am

Is there a way to specify which Order Form a client sees while they are logged in?  I want one client to see version A and another clients to see version B.


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