Tourbuzz Service Update: Order Form improvements, Print Quality improvements, Create-a-Tour improvements, Billing improvements, Mobile improvements, and more!

We have made a ton of improvements over the last quarter, and they are all summarized here for your convenience!

Order Form Improvements

  • The built-in Order Form now allows the creation of custom fields.
  • The built-in scheduling feature of the built-in order form can be disabled (and custom fields used instead, or nothing at all).

Print Quality Improvements

  • If your customers have mentioned that the size of the print-quality photos is too small, you can choose (at the account level or at the customer level) to save your original images for 45 days. Your customers can download it exactly as you shot it!

* Note * Downloading the original image will take longer than our current print-quality photos. So if this has not been an issue for your customers, we do not suggest using this option.

Create-a-Tour Improvements

  • The latest interface to create a tour (image below) is now the default, making new tours easier and faster to build.
  • The "tours" page now loads after login (used to be the customers page), providing faster access to the "Create a Tour" process.

Billing Improvements

  • You can now have multiple cards on-file for use for payments.
  • You can now make ad-hoc payments without ever having to save your card details online.
  • A new "Billing History" tab on each tour summarizes all purchases related to that tour.
  • All purchases are now done through the same system, so there is no more end-of-month billing for Narration, Photos-only, or Export-to-Video purchases. 

Mobile Improvements

  • Respects tour autoplay setting
  • Respects tour.panoDuration setting
  • Tour doesn't start playing until branding is dismissed
  • Bug fix: Last image would replay indefinitely which skewed stats.
  • The mobile tour will now hide media titles when the tour uses a design that supports that feature, and it is configured to OFF.
  • The title of the mobile tour now uses Heading 1, 2 and 3 if available.

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