Tourbuzz Service Update: Group Admin is here!

Group Admin

We have added the ability to arrange your customers into *groups* and designate group admins. Group admins are just regular customers that can also see the tours belonging to other customers in the group. This is a great way to allow "office assistants" to be able to manage all the tours for an office.

Click here for instructions on how to get started.  

New Images Tab

We have launched an upgrade of the Images tab with the following additional capabilities:

  • Multiple selection
    • Shift-click for contiguous selection
    • CMD-click (mac) or CTL-click (pc) to add/remove individual items from the selection
  • You can drag-n-drop multiple items.
  • You can change the size of the thumbnails to make it easier for different types of tasks.
  • Deleting images no longer blocks the user interface.

  • Simplified interface.

  • General improvements in the user experience of drag-n-drop, especially between nav layers and images.

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Added the "Sponsor Name" to the provider download report.
  • Improved the user experience around Create New Tour address validation and StreetView setup.

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