TourBuzz Service Update: custom favicon support; faster site, various bug fixes

  • Added custom favicon support
    • The favicon no longer shows on domains
    • For the main domain linked to your account, your website's favicon will be used if available
    • For domains linked to your customers, the customer's website's favicon will be used if available
  • Added address support for Belize
  • The exact reason for YouTube failures should now be displayed on the client panel and admin-area "Export Tour as Video" page to help you in debugging send-to-YouTub problems.
  • We have made the password reset feature super-easy to use to avoid any support load for youor your customers
  • The flyer now allows use of floor plan images
  • "Email this tour" feature only uses "always visible" photos
  • Improved site performance: we have made many optimizations to make things load faster and also moved our servers to have about 4x the previous capacity.
  • Mobile Player
    • Updated support for latest Blackberry
    • Mobile panos now support the new "panning duration" feature
    • Mobile tour now supports the "autoplay" setting
    • Mobile now respects Heading 1 / Heading 2 / Heading 3
    • Mobile now respects media title visibility setting on designs that have that feature
    • Tons of bug fixes

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