Tourbuzz Service Update: Email Delivery Failure notifications and improved audio ducking

Email Delivery Failure Notifications

Providing great customer service is a key to the success of any photographer's business, and today we have a new feature that will alert you to any failures in email delivery within moments of the error. This will allow you to instantly know anytime our system was unable to successfully deliver an email to your clients. 

Common causes of delivery issues include email addresses with typos, full mailboxes, spam complaints, etc. The error notification message you receive includes a summary of the delivery problem and some diagnostic information to help you figure out if it's something you can fix or if you should reach out to the customer directly.

Feel free to call us if you have any questions.

There are three main categories of errors you'll see:

  1. soft bounce
  2. hard bounce

    Both of these types are very similar; they can be caused by typos, full mailboxes, etc. In general a soft-bounce could succeed if you try later, whereas a hard bounce is expected to not succeed if re-tried. However, there is a lot of overlap and they can basically be treated the same. Read the diagnostic message for more info. For mailbox full errors for instance, you may need to contact the user and let them know so that they can clean out their email before retrying will ever succeed.

  3. rejected

    When an email fails (#1 and #2 above) it is put on an internal rejection blacklist for 7 days. This prevents additional incorrect emails from being delivered and negatively affecting our email reputation, allowing us to have better delivery of legitimate emails. This is an industry best-practice. If you have a rejected message and think that the underlying issue has been corrected and should now work, let us know (email us the recipient's email address) and we will remove it from the rejection blacklist.

Improved Audio Ducking

We have really polished up the handling of background audio ducking, making it much smoother and behave similarly on both the tour and the export-to-video product. This allows you to make high-production-value tours and videos with no extra effort.

A great example of this is an intro video that leads into a regular tour w/background music. In this case, the system will now delay the start of the main audio track until after any intro items w/audio have completed. 

These improvements should make the tour and export-to-video product meet even the most exacting standards of you and your clients.

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