Someone was asking me what I thought about a particular colorscheme that they were using on the Mint Tea design, and it reminded me that there are so great automated color scheme creators out there.

Adobe in particular has as site called Kuler that has a bunch of schemes created by professionals, but they also have a Create A Color Scheme Based on a Color tool that is great if you're trying to pick colors to match a logo, for instance.

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Comment by Carol Grape on June 30, 2010 at 12:58am
I found using Mint Tea as my base - I select colors from the Realtor's logo to generate a new. I open the logo in Photoshop Elements and us the color select tool to figure out the color number and then copy and past that number into the design. It works great. Here's a sample of a tour for a Realtor that has great colors in her logo.


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