Tourbuzz Service Update: Easier Media IDs

With many of our customers providing additional services, like custom flyers, there's a need for agents to be able to quickly communicate a list of which images they want to be used on their flyers. Previously, this could be a complicated issue since there was no ID number for each image that never changed. Customers told us that they are spending a lot of time having to work around this fact, and that mistakes are made due to the lack of un-changing ID numbers. 

To solve this problem, we have added a new ID number for every uploaded item, which we call the Media ID. The Media ID has been designed with the following benefits:

  • Media ID for each tour starts at 1
  • Each uploaded item is assigned a unique Media ID
  • Media IDs are short
  • Media IDs never change, even if customers re-arrange the tour
  • Media IDs are now shown on the Download Center and new Tour Editor
  • Media IDs are included in the filename of downloaded images (both singly and in zip files)

We have run a migration script to update every single tour in the system to have these Media IDs.

Here's what it looks like.

Note that media items are still sorted by their "sequence" in the tour, and the downloaded file names still have sequence numbers as well. In the picture above, the file "Tourbuzz Office Image-001-1" is at sequence 001 (this is done so that the downloaded files are sorted in the same order as on the tour) and the Media ID is 1. If your customer is reading "id numbers" from downloaded file names, you can tell them you only need the part after the hyphen.



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