5 TourBuzz Features Everyone Should Be Using

At last night's great Virtual Meeting III, I talked briefly about some TourBuzz features that everyone should use because they will help you get more business. I wanted to follow-up and explain them in more detail:

1. Branded URLs

By default, all tours have a link that looks like http://tourbuzz.net/1234. However, we allow you to map all of your tours to a subdomain of your own domain name, like: http://tours.acmevirtualtours.com/1234.

- Tours that are 100% branded to your company
- Any link to one of your virtual tours will help your SEO by providing "inbound links" to your domain

Please read these directions on how to set up branded urls.

2. Sponsor Feature

The sponsor feature allows you to put a "Produced by X" link on your tours, as shown in the picture. Most MLS's allow photographers to show this information on the IDX-compatible tours, which means that everyone who looks at the tour from the MLS will see your branding and a link to your web site. And as you can imagine, a lot of the people viewing virtual tours are other agents, so this feature has great potential for marketing. It's almost a form of viral marketing -- whenever one agent uses you, 100+ more agents will see your name!

To use this feature, just click the "Sponsors" link in the admin and create a sponsor for yourself. Next, go to "My Account" and select the sponsor you just created. All of your tour, past and future, will now have a sponsor link on them! If you need to turn off the sponsor for a particular customer or tour, you can do that as well.

Note: If your MLS doesn't allow you to show the sponsor information on IDX tours, and we will enter that in our system and automatically hide the sponsor link on the IDX version of that tour.

3. Loading Image

The loading image is another great marketing tool that shows your logo while the tour is loading. This feature was supported on the original Java player, but wasn't in the original flash player, and once again is fully-functional in the new flash player.

Right now you'll need to add a loading image per-customer (in Edit Customer) but in the near future we'll make it easy to set up a loading image for your entire account.

4. Embedded Tours

The new player can be embedded in any web site, similarly to how you can embed a YouTube video in any web site. The great thing about embedded tours is that they are used on web sites that aren't yours, and they include a link back to your site! This is ideal for improving your SEO ranking. In the future you'll be able to customize the inbound link text at the account level so you can more finely craft your SEO targeting.

To get the benefit from this feature, make sure your customers know about this feature and use it!

5. Provider Directory
The TourBuzz Provider Directory shows visitors where they can go locally to get a High-Definition TourBuzz tour. Of course we don't really market TourBuzz directly as a brand, but sometimes we have agents find us anyway and we point them to the provider directory. It's also another inbound link to your website enhancing your SEO.

To add yourself to the provider directory, just send an email to Alan with the exact company name, link, and "area served."

These are 5 easy steps you can all take right now that are certain to have an impact on your business!


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