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Great new portfolio site

I stumbled across a new company offering beautiful, easy-to-build portfolio sites called Iconify. Just upload some pics and instantly get a portfolio site that works on desktop, mobile, etc. It even includes social networking links to make it easy to send/share and spread the word about your work!

This looks like a very affordable, promising way to have a nice portfolio on you at any…


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Price Segmentation Strategies for Real Estate Photography

I was reading an article about Savored, a company that's helping restaurants charge different prices at different times of the day, but it's wrapped up as a Groupon-style discount app. The definition of price segmentation is to charge difference prices to different customers for the same goods or services.

Most companies start out with a simple pricing…


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Magic Lantern: Professional Hacker Software for Canon DSLRs

As one of the geeky programmer types at TourBuzz, I've always wanted to be able to tweak the built-in software on my Canon T3i DSLR. There are so many things the camera almost does well, but end up being really clunky or impossible due to limited firmware.

The open-source community has created an amazing project called Magic Lantern that drastically extends the capabilities of Canon DSLR's with customized firmware. The…


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Very Interesting "Listing Lifestyle Video" ideas

Hi all-

The guys over at Inman News have a post highlighting somelisting lifestyle videos that I think do a nice job of marketing a lifestyle and the listing at the same time. Great ideas for you to pitch some videos to…


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72% of Home Sellers want their agents to use video but only 3% do, according to NAR study

Wow, this is one interesting statistic if it's true:

"The stats on video from the National Association of Realtors show that 72 percent of home sellers want their agent to use video, and 3 percent actually do."

Continue reading Connect…


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Getty's new Watermark

Getty is trying out a new watermark format that's actually really cool and useful. I don't see a ton of use of watermarks used in real estate photography quite yet, but I wonder if an idea like this might change that?

I'd post a picture but it's against their terms of use, even for their new format, ha!


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Trigger Happy Camera Remote (for iOS) on KickStarter

KickStarter is an awesome site for "crowd-funded" projects. Basically you pre-order something that is in the concept phase, and if enough people pre-order (to meet a set sales goal), your pre-order will be "charged" and the company will go make the product. If there isn't enough interest, you are never charged and the project dies.

I ran across a project for building an iOS Camera Remote, which looks really great for doing a wide variety of things like controlling bracketing, time…


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Video emails?

I went to Real Estate Barcamp Atlanta last week. One of the agents talked about an app called EyeJot, which is basically video email. He said clients loved the personal nature of it and that it's faster to use than actually writing an email since you don't have to worry about editing, spelling, etc.

Any thoughts on if this would be useful for communicating with…


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Cool technology demo related to virtual staging

We ran across this insane video and just had to share it. It's not commercialized yet, but it has amazing potential for making virtual staging look even better.


Rendering Synthetic Objects into Legacy Photographs from Kevin Karsch on…


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Plenoptic camera under development

A company named Lytro is actively working on a plenoptic camera. If you aren't familiar with the idea behind a plenoptic camera or what it will do for photography, here's a quick intro.

A plenoptic camera has not just one sensor but *many* sensors. It's like taking a picture with 100's or more cameras at the exact same time. What's the point? Well, the point…


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Awesome camera simulator for exploring photographic technique

Are you looking to improve your understanding of lens focal length, shutter speed, aperture, and ISO and how they interact with exposure, focus control, and other results? Someone has built an incredibly cool online SLR camera simulator that lets you experiment with these settings in a variety of lighting and setup conditions.

Check it out,…


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Automatic Color Palettes from Images

Colorapi is a neat new web site that can figure out a nice color palette for an image based on the image itself.


I am trying to decide if there are any applications for this idea in TourBuzz; potentially we could…


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Awesome credit card payments system for real estate - introducing Square

Do you wish you could collect payment from customers on-site? Are you looking to increase profits by reducing credit card expenses?

If so, we've got great news. A new company called Square has created a…


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Software to Automatically Straighten Verticals

If you previously read my blog post about the importance of straightening verticals for real estate photography, go read it now.


I was doing some research today and ran across a program called ShiftN which is a tool that automatically straightens verticals! Even better, it's FREE. Sadly, it's…


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SenseFly - Autonomous RC plane with camera for aerial real estate shots.

Ok, this is just too cool not to share. Maybe you're already doing pole-aerial-photography, maybe not. Maybe you just want to step your game up like 10 levels.

The SenseFly Swinglet CAM makes a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle, aka a drone) for commercial use. Plot in your flight path on top of Google maps and hit a few buttons, then collect your photos.…

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How to create QR codes

Now that we've launched comprehensive QR Code support in TourBuzz (and Neybor!), we are getting questions about how to create custom QR Codes.

It's very fast and easy. Google has a free chart-builder tool that includes support for QR Codes. Here's how you can use it to generate a custom QR Code.

  1. Go to the…

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"Diminished Reality" does for Video what PatchMatch does for stills

I previously shared with you a technology called Patch Match which has now made its way into Photoshop CS5.

Some genius has figured out how to do that for video now, and in real-time to boot. Check out the embedded video for an incredible demonstration of this object removal algorithm for video.

You can all imagine how useful this could be for virtual tour…

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Architectural Photography and the Uncanny Valley

In the field of robotics there's an idea called the Uncanny Valley. The idea is that people prefer robots that look more like humans, but only to a point. Once they resemble humans very closely, but not exactly, they start to freak people out.

In architectural photography, this feels somewhat analogous to the situation with straightening verticals (keystone correction). When people view images that aren't corrected, they…

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More Proof of How Professional Photography Has a Positive ROI!

RedFin has shared a great study on the effect of professional photography and real estate selling prices. The study, called RedFin Blog: A Picture is Worth A Thousand Dollars: True or False?, uses real MLS data to determine the value-add of… Continue

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New TourBuzz Logo!

After much deliberation and consideration of the great feedback we got, we selected a new logo several months ago. It has finally made its way to our web site, and we are happy to have it as part of our brand.

Ultimately, we decided on this logo for a few major reasons. We wanted the logo to reinforce what we strive for at TourBuzz, making a world-class tour delivery platform for independent photographers.

The corner brackets hint at…

Added by Alan Pinstein on September 18, 2010 at 4:44pm — 3 Comments

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