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Need an Info Graphic to Show that "A Picture is Worth $1000"?

Some of you may have already seen this blog post by Ruxta Realty out of Wilmington NC, but if not, it's worth a read.…


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It’s Not the Equipment, It’s the Eye

In these shots, using the curve of the staircase as the focal point adds much more visual interest than the first shot, whose focal point is a blank wall.…


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Advantage of creating partial panoramas instead of 360 panoramas

Over the eight+ years I have been in business doing real estate virtual tours I have found doing partial panos to be a great advantage over 360 degree panos.

The comments heard often about the 360 degree images is that “they are so distorted”, “they make me dizzy” and “I don’t like them”.…


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The Extra Things You Do Can Keep a Client and Have Them Brag About You to Other REALTORS®

Have you ever just moved a few things (or a lot of things) out of the way when photographing a home? Done some minor staging for your images? Chatted longer with the homeowner than you had planned? I think all of these things can really make a difference between personal service a small company provides and the big national companies.

Sometimes I have done too much moving to help show…


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Incorporating Video into Your Virtual Tour

It is so easy to incorporate video into a TourBuzz tour. Have the Realtor do an introduction to the home outside, maybe a quick shoot in the backyard, or the kitchen. Have them do some voice overs for the panoramic shots. If the light is good you will not need to drag around extra lights.

Here are some suggestions.…


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How to Construct a Tour that Walks the Viewer through the Home

What does a home buyer who is starting online want to know about a house? They want to know how the house flows - how the more public…


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Is Zillow Stealing Photographer's images?

This week I received an email from Zillow....They have this new site where they are posting style pictures of homes. There are a couple of professional photography groups that are trying to figure out if they are stealing our images without our knowledge. Please to go:

See if you recognize any of your images or others you may know. Please let me know if you find any. Do a screen capture of the page and please send…


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New TourBuzz Fellow - Carol Grape

Hi everyone, I have been asked to be the next Tourbuzz Fellow and am looking forward to starting some conversations with you.

I am Carol Grape, owner of grape imaging, ltd. here in the metro Denver area. I am a one person shop and love working with my Realtor clients. In the real estate photography business since February of 2005, I have built a nice client base. I will share with you…


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SWOT Analysis on a Real Estate Photography Business

I recently read an article by a local Burke remodeler who talked about doing SWOT analysis on your company. This took me back to my college days and figured it was time to do one again for our business.

Those who are not familiar with SWOT analysis, it is a four quadrant chart of strengths,…


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The Importance of Testimonials

Your web site is the portal to the world. Without testimonials, which are a great part of your credibility, people will be reluctant to interact with you and will certainly be reluctant to buy from you.

On the other hand, if you are able to show testimonials from loyal clients who believe in what you do and how you do it, other people will want to try you and your offerings out as well. It is an excellent idea to gather as many testimonials as…


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Using Dropbox with Lightroom

We have several computers used to develop photos and needed to share Lightroom catalogs between the computers. Those familiar with Lightroom know you cannot use a catalog from a network drive, which would have been the best solution. I looked for a free solution, such as some synchronizing scripts, but they became too complicated. I also tried Cloud Station which came with my NAS (synology), but once it overwrote my changes, I quickly turned it off.

So we moved to Dropbox. We had to… Continue

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Square footage vs. Photo count

We recently learned our competition has struck a deal to one of the major offices in our area to offer 30 photos for a price $50 lower than our small package.  Their pricing is based on the number of photos they provide vs. our pricing which is based on the square footage of the home.

We decided when we opened to base our pricing on square footage in increments of 2000 sq ft to fairly distinguish larger houses from small ones.  We knew offering just a basic photo count would kill us…


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Connecting with a new client

A new client adopting to your way of doing business can be overwhelming, for both you and the client. Tourbuzz offers a lot of customizations for the tours, along with downloading of photos several ways. One of the easiest ways to communicate is through the announcement email.

Make the email as robust and self-explanatory as possible, give explicit directions on which tour to use for their web site, how to download the photos, etc.

One of the ways we've been trying to cut… Continue

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Client and Lead Management with Bento

For the past few years we have been looking to streamline the way we manage our client information and to do so without breaking the bank. There are many services on the Internet that help with invoicing, CRM, scheduling, etc. The ones we have investigated always fell short in one area or another and seemed to be a large investment for a small company. We do all of our financials in Quickbooks which also processes credit cards and do our scheduling in Apple's calendar. It actually works quite… Continue

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Let's get to know each other...

One of the thing's I mentioned was trying to drive more discussion in the community, and hopefully more sharing.  So I want to start my series of posts out with asking you a question:

Other than photography, what other services or products do you or your company offer?

For instance, do you provide night shots, elevated shots, aerial photography, 360 panoramas, graphic design, brochure design, property web sites, floor plans,…


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A New Chapter


I am honored to take over the position of the Tourbuzz Fellow and to share my experience in operating and growing my business over the past few years.  We've been involved with Tourbuzz for over two years and have found the community forums a great way to share information and knowledge.

A little about me: A proud Penn State grad (yes, there are still a few of us...), I joined the Federal Government right out of college and worked in the Defense Department for 17 years,…


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How Far Will You Go?

How far will you go to gain, keep, impress a client? This question seems to come up on a regular basis, for one reason or another. It is a question that faces me as I write this blog post. There isn't a right or wrong answer for how far anyone should be willing to go for clients. Every situation comes with its own issues and details. How much business does this client give me, are they a headache to deal with, do they have a large influence? All of these factors and more come to play when…


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Your Payment Is Past Due

As I stated in an earlier post, I hate doing invoicing. It is probably the thing about owning a business I like the least. What makes invoicing even worse, is when I have to contact customers about late payments. Not only does this take time, but it can cost money. 

Like most business to business transactions, I give a 30 day window to fulfill payment for each shoot. For that vast majority of my clients, it works out well and payment is sent quickly. However, I always seem to have a…


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Do You Have An Elevator Pitch?

One of the things that I have learned over the last year or so is the importance of having a compelling elevator pitch. There have been many times I have met people and had a very limited amount of time to tell them about my business. Sharing with them that I was a real estate photographer was not compelling at all. I realized this after a number of conversations ended with, "oh, that's interesting." Explaining what a real estate photographer was, was pretty much a conversation…


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Avoiding Credit

There are new real estate photographers popping up everywhere in the world. Many of them are going to buy all kinds of new equipment, spending thousands of dollars on lenses, bodies, tripods, and software. Some of those new photographers are going to over extend themselves and put all of their new gear on credit cards. Do not do that!!

When I first started my business, I knew that if I was going to be able to make in, especially when first starting out, I needed to keep my costs low.…


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