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TourBuzz Service Update: XPressDocs integration, Miscellaneous Improvements

Seamless XPressDocs Integration

We are happy to announce that our official integration with XPressDocs is now live!

For customers that use main XPressDocs web site, they will see a TourBuzz tab in the Photo Gallery/Retrieve From...section. Click on TourBuzz and it will fetch all tours from TourBuzz for them to pull images from the TourBuzz system! Please note…


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How Far Will You Go?

How far will you go to gain, keep, impress a client? This question seems to come up on a regular basis, for one reason or another. It is a question that faces me as I write this blog post. There isn't a right or wrong answer for how far anyone should be willing to go for clients. Every situation comes with its own issues and details. How much business does this client give me, are they a headache to deal with, do they have a large influence? All of these factors and more come to play when…


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TourBuzz Service Update: Pump Down the Volume! Pump Down the Volume!

Todays' release brings a number of simple but often requested improvements to the TourBuzz Player's handling of Audio.

Master Volume Handling

Many of you have shared feedback from customers reporting that the player is "too loud." Of course it's not possible for us to play sounds louder than the max volume on the computer's main volume control. However we think what has happened is that other sites like YouTube have altered their default volume to 80%…


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TourBuzz Service Update: Lightroom Export Plugin now available!

According to a recent Photography for Real Estate poll, 50% of real estate photographers are using Lightroom in their production process. It just made sense then for us to create a Lightroom plugin to make it easy to send photos from Lightroom directly to TourBuzz.…


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TourBuzz Service Update: Announcing TourBuzz DNS Servers for effortless per-tour domain name setup

Many of our customers are selling single-tour domain names like www.123MainStreet.com which link directly to a single tour. This feature is a great up-sell for tours, but the downside is that it can be a pain to set up. DNS setup can be tedious, confusing, and hard to debug if you get it wrong.

The good news is that we've developed a new TourBuzz Magic DNS Service that makes it extremely easy to get the setup right. All you have to do to use the new feature is to set…


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Your Payment Is Past Due

As I stated in an earlier post, I hate doing invoicing. It is probably the thing about owning a business I like the least. What makes invoicing even worse, is when I have to contact customers about late payments. Not only does this take time, but it can cost money. 

Like most business to business transactions, I give a 30 day window to fulfill payment for each shoot. For that vast majority of my clients, it works out well and payment is sent quickly. However, I always seem to have a…


Added by TourBuzz Fellow on July 4, 2012 at 1:17pm — 8 Comments

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