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TourBuzz Service Update: New Tutorial Graphic for Pano Viewer, Improved Play/Pause Functionality

Pano Viewer Tutorial Graphic

We have had several requests to add some kind of hint/tutorial so that viewers know they can interact with panos. We have added a graphic that displays the first time a pano is shown to make viewers aware of this capability. Hopefully this will add value to your tours with panos and help viewers make more effective use of panoramas on tours.…


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TourBuzz Service Update: New Pano Editor and more!

New Pano Editor

TourBuzz used a lot of Java when we first started; it was the only way to do a lot of things in 2007. Times have changed, and we have been slowly phasing out all of the part of our site that use Java. Java caused a lot of compatibility issues and was slow to load as well, and with the introduction of this new pano editor, Java is no longer required for any feature in TourBuzz.…


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Do You Have An Elevator Pitch?

One of the things that I have learned over the last year or so is the importance of having a compelling elevator pitch. There have been many times I have met people and had a very limited amount of time to tell them about my business. Sharing with them that I was a real estate photographer was not compelling at all. I realized this after a number of conversations ended with, "oh, that's interesting." Explaining what a real estate photographer was, was pretty much a conversation…


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TourBuzz Service Update: Customizable Sponsor Text and more!

Customizable Sponsor Text

TourBuzz's sponsor feature is a great way to brand your photography business on all of your tours. If you aren't using it, you are missing out on a way to get your company name in front of literally hundreds of potential clients for every tour you produce.

Until today, the format of the sponsor link was always "Produced By <link to your company>". Many of you have asked for the ability to have more…


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Avoiding Credit

There are new real estate photographers popping up everywhere in the world. Many of them are going to buy all kinds of new equipment, spending thousands of dollars on lenses, bodies, tripods, and software. Some of those new photographers are going to over extend themselves and put all of their new gear on credit cards. Do not do that!!

When I first started my business, I knew that if I was going to be able to make in, especially when first starting out, I needed to keep my costs low.…


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Very Interesting "Listing Lifestyle Video" ideas

Hi all-

The guys over at Inman News have a post highlighting somelisting lifestyle videos that I think do a nice job of marketing a lifestyle and the listing at the same time. Great ideas for you to pitch some videos to…


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If there is one thing about real estate photography I hate to do, it is invoicing. Don't get me wrong, I love taking in money, but the actual act of creating an invoice for each shoot or multiple shoots is just the pits. A piece of software that I have used for about one year, has taken some of the pain away. It is called Blinkbid

It is somewhat basic in what you can do, but it was design specifically for photographers. I can create…


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72% of Home Sellers want their agents to use video but only 3% do, according to NAR study

Wow, this is one interesting statistic if it's true:

"The stats on video from the National Association of Realtors show that 72 percent of home sellers want their agent to use video, and 3 percent actually do."

Continue reading Connect…


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Client Pressure

If you have been in the real estate photography any amount of time, I am sure you have had to deal with clients wanting things cheaper, faster turn around, and quicker on site. Everyone wants their photography now and for nothing. Recently I have had a few newer clients try to get better prices and deliver pictures on the same day. I have also recently had a client ask for me to shoot exteriors on one day and interiors on a different day at the same price as if I shot the who thing at… Continue

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44% more Photos Coming to Listings on REALTOR.com

Good news for photographers! Use these stats in your marketing and upping your prices for more photos.

by AMIT KULKARNI on May 31, 2012 • 6:00 am 0 Comments

Last year, almost 90% of consumers used the Internet as part of their home search. On average, these consumers looked at 12 homes over a span of 12 weeks before deciding on their purchase. And 40% of these consumers actually PURCHASED a home they found online – a staggering increase from the 8% of consumers who found the home…


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