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Creating Me Time

Hopefully this post will become more of a conversation and a resource. Over the last 4 years, I have grown my business from quite small to a place where I am making a pretty decent living.  As a sole proprietor, I am very comfortable photographing all homes by myself and do not have stress about how many homes I shoot per day. The trouble comes when I want to take a vacation. I have the ability to take off a few days in a row, but nothing substantial to really take a vacation and get…


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Getty's new Watermark

Getty is trying out a new watermark format that's actually really cool and useful. I don't see a ton of use of watermarks used in real estate photography quite yet, but I wonder if an idea like this might change that?

I'd post a picture but it's against their terms of use, even for their new format, ha!


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TourBuzz Service Update: Minor improvements to Client Panel, Cross-Fade Transition

A few minor improvements launched today:

  • The Tour Client Panel now has large buttons at the top to help people find Downloads and other "activities" without having to scroll and hunt for things.
  • The Cross-Fade transition has been tweaked so that it is smoother when transitioning between images that are of different sizes.

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Return to Marketing

Real estate photography is like just about any other business. You could be the greatest real estate photographer in the world, but if you do not get your work in front of potential clients, no one will know what you can do. Marketing, and sending a consistent message, is the only way to get your business's name to your potential clients. 

There are three types of marketing that I have focused on since the start of my business. Those are cold calls with mailers, LinkedIn, and…


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CollageWall -- Would this be an interesting up-sell for a Real Estate Office?

I ran across areally cool print product this week called CollageWall and thought it might make for an interesting up-sell. The CollageWall is a system of grid-spaced pegs, coupled with photos mounted such that you can easily re-arrange the prints on the pegs. You can have different sizes as well.

I can imagine real estate offices setting up one of these in their lobby, and then cycling…


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Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

Real estate photography can be an extremely tough business to get into and make money. Especially when you face stiff competition from national companies who price their tours comparable to a new pair of shoes. Often times, agents are only interested in the bottom line and are already using a company that they are happy with. How do you price yourself competitively and yet make money? You make sure that you have upsells.

This is what I had to do to get started in my area. One of…


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