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What Association Are You Part Of?

When I entered into real estate photography, I was an island. I did not have anyone to turn to, to ask questions of and bounce ideas around. I had to figure out what accountant to use, where to go for local camera repairs, and where to get prints. That is until I cold-called a local architectural photographer to get some help. I explained to him what I was doing and that I wanted to assist him. He told me that he had all of the assistants he needed and he did not want to teach me what he…


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Lightroom Export Plugin: Seeking Beta Testers!

We've finished initial development on a TourBuzz Lightroom export plugin. Tim did an amazing job with it, and we're soliciting beta testers to try it out. If you want to be one of the first to try out our Lightroom plugin, please subscribe to this support forum topic to join the beta!

Features of the TourBuzz Lightroom export plugin include:

  • Pick desired tour from…

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iPhone Video Made Easy

I ran across a new device that could be a help creating video tours. It is called the SWIVL. It is discribed as a "personal cameraman." Basically, the device plugs into an iPhone and tracks or swivels wherever the included mic is, 360 degrees. If you set the SWIVL on a tripod, anyone can film themselves and move about a room while sharing its features. The best part of the whole thing is that the SWIVL comes with a lav mic so you do not…


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TourBuzz Service Update: Simplified Web Site Menus, Improved Readability on Mobile

Just a quick note that we've simplified our menu structure based on feedback from customers.

The new menus are more consistent across web and mobile. The common functions are easier to read and click, and the less common functions are now under a single "My Account" menu item.

We have also tweaked the layout setup for iPad and iPhone, making it a bit easier to use on mobile as well. We plan on making further improvements in a few months, but for now we wanted to get things…


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Adding Narration to Virtual Tours IS Cost-Effective

Hello Fellow TourBuzzer's! 
I wanted to introduce myself because I've seen some good discussion going on in the TourBuzz community about adding voice over to tours and Paul encouraged me to write a post on the subject. 
I am a professional voice over artist and have been doing narration for real estate listing presentations for quite some time, so I'd like to offer my two cents to the discussion. 
What I've…

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Alternate Portfolio

In my last post, I stated that I shoot a number of weddings each year. My real estate business has only helped increase the amount of wedding business I receive. How have I leaverage my real estate shoots to gain business in other areas? Apple.

A few years ago, I was photographing a home when I overheard an agent and homeowner talking about how the homeowner's daughter had just gotten engaged. Thinking on my feet, I remembered that I had a few images from a recent wedding on my…


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Help us make TourBuzz even easier to use!

We are researching the way customers use TourBuzz to produce tours so that we can make it faster and easier. 

To gather information, we've added a way for you to easily record your computer while you create a tour so we can watch your entire process.

You might have noticed this image on the Customers page:

Just click the link next time you build a tour and it will configure your computer to screencast your tour publishing session to our system for…


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Burnout is something that anyone can experience, even when doing something you love. I love photography. I love taking pictures, learning how to take better pictures, reading about new equipment, and brainstorming creative ideas. I have a passion for photography. That said, sometimes, I start to feel burned out from photographing homes. All it takes is a few unkempt homes or not so nice homeowners and it can ruin an otherwise good day and put me in a funk. Sometimes burnout is from the…


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TourBuzz Service Update: Announcing Updated Simplicity Design

Today marks the release of the last in a long line of new designs for the year. Simplicity 2 is a cleaned-up version of the Simplicity design, now with improved graphics, floorplan support, and more.

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Navigation Layer images (ie Floorplans) now show at the end of the Export-to-video product.
  • Major cleanup of audio handling in…

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TourBuzz Service Update: Major Video Enhancements; Print-Quality downloads have arrived!

We've got a couple of great improvements launching today.

Enhanced Video Support

  • We now officially support large video files (up to 400MB) so you can use TourBuzz for your full-length video hosting needs. During a short intro period, we will not be charging extra for video hosting; we will be announcing an updating pricing model for video hosting in the near future.
  • Video is now supported in our Export-to-Video feature. All video in the tour will…

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NCAA Tournament Challenge Winners

The basketball tournament was a little more predictable this year with no real cinderella and a dominant team. The overwhelming majority playing selected Kentucky. The CBS system we used divided our group in two so I merged the groups and took myself out of the mix (by the way I won convincingly by selecting 47 games correct : )

The contest was very close among everyone with the winner being Valado Mori (42 correct), second Daryl Snead (37 correct but more points) and a tie for third…


Added by Paul Rodman on April 4, 2012 at 5:37pm — 1 Comment

TourBuzz Service Update: Customizable letterboxing behavior

TourBuzz has always had a goal of filling the browser with the largest image possible. Several years ago we implemented a magical "zoom to fill" feature that automatically zooms in on images until they fill the player. TourBuzz would use this feature anytime that the zoom would cut off less than 30% of the image. If more than 30% of the image would be cut off, we would letterbox the image instead. While this makes the player more pleasing aesthetically, especially when used in conjunction…


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Photographer Showcase - Carl Bruce

Photographer Showcase is going to be an ongoing blog where a photographer from the TourBuzz community will be able to share and tell their story of how they were able to grow their business.

If there was one thing I learned from Carl Bruce of CB4 Photography, it is that one should be exceptional to get noticed. That has been Carl's mantra for his more than 25 years in the photography business. It has only been in the last five years…


Added by TourBuzz Fellow on April 2, 2012 at 10:00am — 2 Comments

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