Who would be interested in having their Customer sync to their phone?

We are looking into a technology that would allow you to sync your TourBuzz customer list to your phone.

The major benefit of this is that nearly as soon as you add a customer to TourBuzz, you can have all that info on your phone with no double-entry. Works great for caller-id and for calling customers back.

I am curious to know of the level of interest of such a feature.

Looking forward to your feedback,


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That would be a great feature! I would definitely use it.


I would love to see it sync to Address book on a Mac. My address book then syncs via iCloud to all my devices.

I agree with Dave. iCloud sync would be amazing. I would also like the ability to export all the data fields from a tour to an XML file or similar. I produce property brochures for my clients, and it would be amazing to be able to just data merge an XML file into InDesign to auto-populate the fields.


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