Who pays the photographer, the Realtor or Seller?

I've always been paid by the realtor. But I was invited, and attended a realtor's sales meeting recently and in the discussion one agent mentioned getting the seller to pay for my photography services. All of a sudden the other agents seemed to think that was a great idea! The one that brought this up even said "That way if the check bounces it's not my problem". The broker didn't help either, he stated the seller would then 'own' the photos and could go to another agent/office if they wanted. Huh? 

I work for and get paid by owners that rent their homes but this caught me off guard, I've never had a realtor ask or even suggest this before. I see (unforeseen) problems from the seller micro-managing to the realtor making promises I can't deliver... to what?

I don't like the idea (maybe because it's new?). I wonder if it's even worth considering a way to do it. Charge more, offer less, or business as usual as long as I get paid? I just think there's going to be problems down the road.

If anyone has ideas or comments I'd love to hear it.


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