I am pretty new at the business part of Real Estate photography, and was wondering what everyone's experiences were with how much Realtor's cared about the different features below? 

  • Same day service
  • Interactive map/layout of house with icons for pans and stills to link to
  • Included feature sheet design
  • Voice overs
  • anything else that they generally like

Reason is, i provide just the virtual tour using Tourbuzz, with pans, but am not set up with the rest.  I have seen these with some other companies.  would like to keep things simple, and not offer more services than i can handle, and I am trying to decide what to focus on.  Ideally i would like to just shoot and plug pictures in the online tour, but am thinking that maybe i should include more as that may be where the trends are going.

What do you think?

thanks for any input.

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I am a member of Fresno Association of Realtors I think generally realtors and brokers are interested in everything you mentioned. The way I started with tourbuzz was like yourself I started off simple and then expand with different features one day at a time as "you/me/whomever" get more comfortable with tourbuzz platform. It is a solid platform and easy to use, but like anything else there is a small learning curve. I have called Paul many times and he or his team member have always been there to help through what ever challenge I ran across.  I became an associate member Fresno Association of Realtors and currently the only affiliate member so it is relatively easy for me. But try to think like a realtor might, they want as much as you can deliver as economical as possible, so to take on too much too fast, but definitely be open minded to all tourbuzz has to offer.   


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