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Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season. We are still working away on adding new designs and will have more updates in the near future.

Neybor: real estate web marketing service.

Partial Panoramas in TourBuzz

What’s next at TourBuzz?

How to request a new Feature on TourBuzz.


Several improvements have been made to Neybor over the last few months. Neybor is our Single property web page site that includes your TourBuzz tour embedded at the top. Neybor syndicates to several real estate search sites. Every TourBuzz tour is eligible for a Free listing site.

You create a Neybor site from inside TourBuzz. On your list of tours, simply click the link to launch and fill out the bedrooms, baths, description, etc. It takes just a few minutes to create and share the site with Realtors and property owners. You can also add Neighborhood photos in the Community section. Adding watermarked images to the Communities will increase your exposure in the area as Neybor grows. You can send the Tour, Neybor page, and Community links to Realtors selling in the area to show them the complete package you provide.

*Be sure to add the Realtor Office and MLS information under the Branding tab. If the information is not entered, several of the syndication partners will not accept the listing.

Free Features:

* Detailed listing page including floor plan layout
* Control Syndication* to several Real Estate search sites.
* Weekly e-mail statistics
* iPhone listing page ( geo-location
* Shared editing with Realtors
* Walk Score
* Detailed Community information including photos, schools, playgrounds, restaurants, listings, etc.

Upgrade Pay Features:

* Realtor Branding
* Premium statistics that include syndicator click tracking
* Craigslist formatted page and Impressions tracking

Coming Soon:

* Unique URL purchase (Currently you can purchase anywhere and redirect to the listing page)
* Video – turn slide show into video

How do I use Neybor to make more money?

Nathan Straunch at Hot Shot Pros ( up sells online property marketing for an additional $40 per tour. He adds the listing to Craigslist in addition to all the syndications channels. He also uses Twitter to get the word out. He has driven over 30+ views in the first week of the listing. Several of the listings have sold within a few months. Impressive in any market.


Don’t forget to vote on the suggestions provided by you and your colleagues through the Feedback tab on the left side of the TourBuzz web site after you log in. You can also make recommendations on features you know will increase your revenues.


These are the near term items we are working on for TourBuzz. Since most of our development is leading edge/bleeding edge, our development time varies widely. We will continue to push technology to provide you the best product on the market. We also have the long list of additional features that continues to get prioritized based on your feedback and increased revenue opportunities for you and TourBuzz.

* Designs. We will add 3 more Template options in the near future. Further down the road you will be able to add Design Templates. We will provide the specs and you can get a Designer to create your custom tour.
* Faster tour loading – we will use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) for images and panos which results in much faster loading time of tours and also reduces our system load.
* Background processing of uploaded images – your images will process while you do other work. This also reduces the overall system load.
* Java player will be retired in January.
* Photographer management system. If you need to manage photographers working for you, please let us know ASAP. We are sketching out the requirements now. This will provide the opportunity to expand your business and brand locally, regionally and nationally.

FEATURE : Partial Panoramas

TourBuzz supports partial panoramas. There are 2 methods supported:

1. Shoot a 360 and stitch together the entire image. Upload the image into TourBuzz. Process the image as a 360. Go to Edit the image. Drag the image to the point on the left edge you want the pano to start and click Set Left Edge in the box on the right. Now drag the image to the right edge where you want the pano to end. Click Set Right Edge in the box on the right. Save settings and you are done.

2. Photograph anything less the 360 degrees. Make a note of approximately how many degrees it is. You can usually figure it out by the number of photos you include. If 10 images = 360 degrees then 1 = 36, 5 = 180, etc. Stitch the image as usual. Your software may even tell you the Field of View in degrees created by your photos. Upload the photo with the rest of your images. Now, before you process your photos, change the FOV (Field of View) to the number of degrees covered by your panorama (90, 180, 270). The image will be processed and display as a partial panorama.

Link to screen cast:

That’s all for now. Keep the suggestions coming. We will do our best to make it happen.

2010 will be a great year for all of us!

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