There have been a number of occassions that I was told by the broker that they had a "contract" with one of the larger competitors. 


I've never been able to lock down a broker contractually so that everyone had to purchase their virtual tours from our company.  


Has anyone ever seen, know much about or have been able to generate a contractual agreement to lock in your services?

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Alan, what you and Paul have created is the perfect home for professional real estate - interior photographers. Consistent with the analogy of home, you've built us a mansion, a refreshing change from the ghetto shacks that are out there. Every room is a master suite. Here, we can change the carpets, the drapes, just about anything we want. And the views are astounding. All in HD, too.


Oh, yeah, I won't be moving again.





In my area (West Central Florida), there are no agencies requiring agents to use only one company. Also, I don't think I would want to offer one because there are too many agents that I don't want to work for because their organizational deficiencies, poor communication skills and ethics would create endless problems. Those of you who shoot for different agents know what I'm talking about. The old formula about 20% of the agents doing 80% of the business is so true with the exception being 2004 & 2005 when buying and selling houses became a contagious obsession.

TourFactory does this in my market. They go to realty & offer to steeply discount their product if a certain # of agents agree to give TF all their business for a given time period (usually a year).

I have another mega brokerage in my area that gives "free" photography for listings over 350K. I shoot many of these listings for the pros who appreciate the difference in quality imagery. The shoot & scoot contract photogs don't charge enough to do a good job


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