We now have a live preview of this design up on our staging server.

There are still a few issues to clean up with it but now you have a chance to use it yourself and provide feedback.

We hope to have this live real soon now!


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I like it, especially the blue arrow hot spots.


Will any of the skins allow us to set the size (width) of the floorplan?  I see the three little lines that let the viewer minimize it, but I would like to set the maximum floorplan size myself permanently.  This would be especially helpful for long, thin floorplans like Charleston style homes that are one room wide and very deep.

Oh, that was an oversight. It is supported. We will add that back in the next release which should be early next week.

Also, the navigation width is specified in % rather than an absolute width, just FYI.

We are also considering adding an option to fix the pixel width of the entire player as well which would allow you to precisely specify the tour size. Unfortunately this gets very complicated as specifying things in pixels is tricky since displays today have resolutions ranging from 72dpi up to 120dpi and more. Thus if you specify 500px on a 72dpi monitor it might be almost half as small on another monitor!

This might be fixable by specifying things in inches. We will play with this and see if there's a sane path forward. 

Just wanted to tell Alan and Paul that this new design ROCKS.  My clients love it!  Thank you for your diligence and hard work in getting this out.


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