We now have a live preview of this design up on our staging server.

There are still a few issues to clean up with it but now you have a chance to use it yourself and provide feedback.

We hope to have this live real soon now!


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I like this one the best. Will it be able to auto size by percentage to the size of monitors?

What does that mean exactly?

This looks pretty good too, though I would save this design for photos on a sunny day as the grey background makes the house look grey.

Would one be able to change the color of the text?


Where will the client photo, logo and information appear? 

All of that stuff will be similar to how it is now, matched to the player design. We are just working on the player design presently.


We haven't decided which things will be color-izable. It takes significant effort to make things color-izable and also limits the design of the color-izable elements.

I understand about the color, on these three designs I was just thinking about the text, not the backgrounds. If one wants to change backgrounds one can always use mint tea.

Ah ok yes it's pretty straightforward to do that, I will keep it in mind.

This would look better with a thin border around the image, smaller gallery pics so you can get more height in the main image, a black background, and all text in white.  Just my 2cents.

Don't forget that these designs are liquid; on a larger monitor the "image" area will grow while all the buttons stay the same size.


Will will probably allow for you to choose the color of the text and image trim.

I think this one makes it clear how you control the floor plan - which is good. While it is important that you find the buttons at the bottom and that the thumbnails be big enough to make out what they are, I think they might me a little big in relation to the rest of what is on the page. I think they could probably be scaled down a little. The scroll bar for the thumbnails is nice but might be a little thick? I also wonder if the Realtor info at the top will have enough space to be readable. It might, I can't really tell. Over all I think it is a nice design.

I particularly like the description in the sample... fo shizzle. :)


Love the 3D look, and the no-frills functional appearance. Excellent platform for showcasing contemporary metro architecture, especially glass and chrome influenced properties. Five stars on this one!
I like this one alot, very clean and stylish.


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