At TourBuzz, we're always looking for ways to grow our business by helping you grow yours.

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of all real estate listings have professional photography. Right now that number seems to be about 10%. While we have some ideas to help improve that over time, it will be a slow climb.

What that leaves is approximately 90% of the listings that have Do-It-Yourself photos. Only about 40-50% of DIY photos end up in a proper "tour" rather than just attached to the listing.

We see an opportunity to create a self-service product that would have these benefits:
  • Offer a way to engage with your customers even on DIY listings
  • Provide a way to make some money even on tours that you don't shoot (you would be able to mark-up the self-service tours)
  • Create a situation where you can do sales meetings at brokerages and have enough product to sell that this is a profitable activity
  • Stronger branding for brokerages - a TourBuzz "custom skin" would be used for DIY and professional tours, giving brokers a consistent brand across all listings
  • A foot-in-the-door for working with brokerages to provide co-op funds for professional photography. If you can get a broker to pitch in even $10-25 towards the cost of any professional tour, this lowers the cost to the agent and should drive higher sales volumes of professional shoots
This would certainly be an optional service from TourBuzz, since we know that not all people will think it's a good idea.

I look forward to your feedback. We are looking for input on pricing, features, support, and any other aspects of this service that require consideration.


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What's the latest on DYI tours?

I didn't see this comment before.  I completely agree with it however.  I get asked about this all of the time.  Let's make it happen.



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