Real Estate Offices with National Virtual Tour Platform Contracts

Do you have national tours companies in your market locking up entire Brokerages?

We are planning on creating a Agent Do-it-Yourself tour product for you to brand and sell into your local Agents and Brokerages to compete with these national companies. In order to do this we need to know what the competition is offering.

Please provide any information you have.  Contract terms, pricing, business model.

They will be "unlimited" accounts but they are based on something about the office.  Number of Agents? Number of Listings last year? etc.

Our plan is for you to sell and service local broker and agent accounts and we split the revenue. We would like to give you a recurring revenue stream. 

We will work on the details of this program throughout the spring. Any feedback is always welcome.

Please share as much detail as you can find out.

TourBuzz will continue to provide technology tools to extend and grow your business. Everyone would like to retire one day. The best way to do that is earn as much as you can now and build your business to create long term value so you can sell it when the time is right. A few photographers using TourBuzz have already sold their business. 

Thanks for your help.


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Do you want us to respond on here with all that data, or just contact you directly? 

Either way Carol.  Whatever works for you.



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