I'm interested in how other deliver their photos to their clients.  I'm looking for a simple method where I 1) upload the photos to some sharing service and 2) notify my client(s) their photos are ready and 3) my clients can download the photos without the need to log in or create an account.  As long as they have, say, a link they can download the images.




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Alan, that's really awesome about the agents being able to get the sizes they need for the MLS. I worked with one of my clients for about a year, learning the in's and out's of their marketing tasks, and one of the things that always gave me trouble and took a long time to figure out is the various sizes needed for all the various websites they use. So, sooner is better than later on the MLS indicator feature ;-)  Images can be no larger than 2M for the MLS used here.  I will definitely check out the download capabilities and transition to TB exclusively.  Just keepin' it simple every chance I get.  Thanks for all the hard work and customer support.  

You're welcome! Let us know if you run into any issues.

I can assure you that even our "large" images will never be anywhere near 2MB. They will be 1500x1000, but the file sizes range from 200-600k so your clients shouldn't have any trouble with them.

Most people are familiar with dropbox. Every client seems to have a different level of digital competence. Some still want a Cd.

I use Box.com for one agent. I can embed it in a webpage. So she has her very own webpage for her downloads.

What is lacking in Tourbuzz's delivery solution that causes you to still want to use Box.com?

Especially now that we have login for agents -- so in this case your customer would have a login to a single webpage with all downloads available from there very easily...

Just haven't fully switched over to all tour buzz has to offer.

Ah ok thanks! Please check out that feature and let us know if you need any improvements to it. This feature is such a huge time-saver for most people as it reduces the support load so much. Let us know if it doesn't work for you for some reason.

I will def look into it.

I looked into it and it sounds good.

Here are my questions, where exactly is it and do i have control over what options are available to the client ?

When you publish a tour through the system, a link will be created to the download center for that tour. We also have an "announce tour" feature that is basically an email template (which you can customize) that has a link to the download center so you can easily send it out and even track the delivery & opens of the message.

Beyond that, each client gets their own login to the system so they can easily look up any tour and get to the download center for each tour.

You can control which files will be made available -- photo, pano, and video clip. You can also control access to different sizes (print quality vs web). The system can also auto-resize all images to the exact specification for your MLS to eliminate common issues with posting images to the MLS.

I use dropbox as soon as I finish the images and leave the images up for 30 days.  Then I build the virtual tours using every image that was taken.

I upload all my photos on my smug mug site ($8 per month) and it has all the options of who can view, who can download etc. Very customizable. 

If you have more then one email address you can get a DropBox for each email address.  It is a 2 Gig Cloud that is FREE.  Use it as a temporary location to continue freeing up space.  I have two gigs of mp3s in one of my dropboxs that I play using the app SongBox for FREE. 


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