I'm interested in how other deliver their photos to their clients.  I'm looking for a simple method where I 1) upload the photos to some sharing service and 2) notify my client(s) their photos are ready and 3) my clients can download the photos without the need to log in or create an account.  As long as they have, say, a link they can download the images.




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We can enter per-MLS sizes for some MLS integrations, but not all, at this time.

Most MLS's allow any reasonably sized file to be uploaded. Very few require *exact sizes* but in these cases we can try to help. let us know your MLS.

Thanks Alan.  We really don't need the feature ourselves, but other real estate photographers do.  

I use onlinefilefolder.com  it's cheap and you can upload either a zipped file or a just a folder.  You then send a link to the agent and and they can download it.  Easy, plus I leave it on for a month or so since they can never figure out where they put the file they downloaded!

There are delivery links in tour buzz for the tour.  Also if you are sending just the images for the MLS and for use in brochures for your clients, then You Send It - the paid for account is a really good choice.  You could send a paypal invoice and when it was paid - send the link and files through you send it to the client.

We have a proofing system tied to our store and when the client has approved the pictures on the proofing system, we send the invoice.  They can pay with paypal or a credit card directly and once paid the store sends them the downloaded pictures they have chosen off the proofing system.  We use photobiz.com for our website, our proofing and our store.  If you are interested in them, you can contact me and I will put you in touch with someone there.   

Good luck with everything and feel free to contact us if you need help.

I see no reason why anything OTHER than TourBuzz should be used. We are trying to solve this problem 100% for our customers, and if you find yourself needing YouSendIt, Dropbox, OnlineFileFolder, etc, PLEASE TELL US WHY! We want to completely eliminate this step so you can save time on every tour.

We've moved to Tourbuzz exclusively, other than a few cases.  One case the agent claims it doesn't work on her computer (she's a high paying client, so we go the extra mile), the other cases are if they do not request a tour.  Most agents do, but we have a few that use other tours, so we just pass them the photos via an ftp link.  I'd use dropbox for this, but I can keep the space on my web host, so I just ftp a compressed file.  Other folks like home builders and designers, we do the same.

We keep all of our photos on smugmug for archive and viewing, and anyone can download large files there, plus their lightroom plugin is great.

One thing of note, we've included a client panel video on our announcement email on how to use the panel's features and how to download photos, saves on explaining to the non-computer savvy folks.

HI Alan. 

Our use of commercial and real estate are such that we need 3-4 different sizes and configurations of our photography.  Does Tourbuzz create these sizes and resolutions or only the ones that are in the export template.  It would be really helpful if we don't need to use another program.  Also, we deliver several items that are not attached to the Tour Buzz Tour such as an animoto slide show for each client to play on their TV sets during an open house, a video business card not connected to the tour but taken at the same time of the tour, etc.  We need the drop box or yousendit for these items!

Any suggestions?

We create 3 sizes; small (640x480) large (1500x1000) and print (whatever you upload, up to 4200x4200).

You can't attach other items like Animoto, but you could use our video export (though admittedly it's not as slick as Animoto's at the moment).

We are working on a way to attach a video bio to the customer record (which I think would be the same as your video business card).

Thanks for the info!

We totally understand what you do and for 99% of your users this is great.  We spend most of our time recommending tour buzz and have only used the actual program a few times ourselves as we do so much more for our commercial and architectural (not real estate) clients.  For our real estate clients and our lower end commercial clients what you offer is perfect and next tour I will try the 4200 x 4200 size.  However, we need the animoto show and your video because we want to shoot the whole tour out to You Tube and Vimeo.

Is there anything we could do useful for your architectural/commercial work?

Hi Alan, I had no idea my realtor clients could download still shots from Tourbuzz, so I have been working with them, training them and getting them used to Drop Box.  Some of my clients don't want to pay the additional fee for a visual tour and only ask for stills.  To the degree I don't have to use a bunch of stand alone websites for every step in the process, so much the better, I'd love to exclusively use Tourbuzz.  I am reluctant to allow them too much access to the images or Tourbuzz, so without having read all the comments on 4 pages here, can you give me an update on this capability?

The client panel doesn't allow them to do anything to the images other than download, rename, and re-order. Renaming and re-ordering only matter if they use the tour.

The download capability itself has been around for years, though there were 2 notable improvements in the last 12 months or so. The first is that we support "Print Quality" now -- so we keep up to 4200x4200 resolution for 60 days if you need to deliver super-high-res for print use to your clients. The second is that we re-did the entire "Download Center" last fall to make it super-easy to use. Downloading images can be tricky with all the different file sizes, ZIP files, etc. We listened to every "support" issue our photographers ever reported having to do with downloading images and tried to address them all. It took a lot of time, but I believe our download experience is incredible easy and beautiful and we haven't heard any complaints since we released the system last year!

We do have one additional feature planned; we will shortly be putting an "MLS" indicator next to the size appropriate for the MLS selected for the tour (some MLS's use smaller or larger pictures) to make it even easier for agents to select the right images.

You should definitely give it a shot! I believe that it will be much easier for you to support than having to train people on Dropbox.


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