I'm interested in how other deliver their photos to their clients.  I'm looking for a simple method where I 1) upload the photos to some sharing service and 2) notify my client(s) their photos are ready and 3) my clients can download the photos without the need to log in or create an account.  As long as they have, say, a link they can download the images.




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I just have them upload from the Tourbuzz client panel. If they don't do a tour I just send them via email. Of course, in that case they are downsized for the mls.

Would you have any interest in a lower-priced "processing only" tour that wouldn't have a public-facing tour but would allow you to use TourBuzz for orders, scheduling, delivery, etc?

I'm just seeing this post, and I know I would certainly be interested in an option that includes everything except for the tour. Half my clients use the tour, and the others just need the photos.  I'd be curious about this type of option. The scheduling, lightroom integration and digital delivery are great systems without the tour that are essential to reducing my workflow.

I am interested to hear as well. 

Currently if you don't need print-quality you can use TourBuzz for this entirely. We already have a great opt-in feature called "Media Kit" which allows your customers to access all tour images in the Cilent Panel.

However it should be noted that we plan on allowing higher-res uploads in the near future so that we can make delivering photos part of the service. 

That said, I'd love to know if there are any additional workflow needs surrounding delivery of images to customers.



I use YouSendIt. It cost me about $19 a year and can upload folders or single images. You can use it with Outlook as a plugin, not sure about other email accounts. If you check it out be careful as there are several pricing options. Of course they want you to sign up for the most expensive account. My account has been fine for sending folders to my clients. It emails a link to your client and they have 14 days to download and then it goes away. The folders will be a zip file and they will have to extract the images. They also provide tracking information which tells if the clients have downloaded the files.


PS: this is great for High Res images.

Thank you Jerry,

I'm currently using YouSendIt but I do have a few clients that just don't get how to save the file to their computer and then unzip the files, even though I have a detailed instructions video on my web site.  I may end up still using YouSendIt but I am looking for somthing 'idiot proof' if there is such a thing.


Some folks just don't understand the zip file, no matter how many times one explains it.

I set up my own cloud server.  There's one by Cloud Engine called the POGOPLUG.  It's a device that hooks up into your router and into one or multiple hard drives.  At the time of purchase, the POGOPLUG only cost me around $99 and a 2 Terabyte drive was about $100.  This way, there's no limitation to my storage capacity.  It's got great sharing/handling features.  There's a multimedia version for about 200-300 that can also host video files.  You can learn more about this solution at  http://www.pogoplug.com


POGOPLUG sounds interesting.  Do your clients need to create an account and login or do they simple get a link and download photos?

Thank you

You have total control - and invite them to the folder.   You can decide whether they can be a full editor or a collaborator.

Mike, I tried using Pogoplug for a while. The issue was creating the different folders for various sizes, which takes processing time in Lightroom. I also had issues where the clients said the download was way too slow.  Tourbuzz downloads are much faster in my experience.  I'm curious if you've had any downside to the pogoplug method?

  The company that hosts my portfolio gives me a certain amount of space on an FTP site.  Typically I create a zip file of all finals, upload to the FTP, and send a link for download.  They will receive a link, similar to Usendit, where they can download the zip file.  Once downloaded they extract the files, save a copy to a disk, and done.  Its included in my hosting, so there is no additional fee.  Not saying its the only way, just a way I've found quick and painless.


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