Hi all,

Is there a way to personalize the email that goes out to clients when the tour date and time have been confirmed?

Any suggestions for content?

Thanks in advance.

Bill Collins

Virtual Vision

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Hi Bill.

We've been told by Paul that this capability does not exist currently.

We use a separate reservation system that allows us to add (a) list of products ordered, (b) whether or not they want realtor.com posting, (c) list of tips to get the home ready for the shoot, (d) reminder to send us the MLS # if we don't have it, etc.

It would be great to have this capability on tourbuzz

That's correct, this is not possible now. However we are planning on adding it in the relatively near future.

In the meantime, if it's something generic that you'd like to see added to the current template, let us know and we can do that more quickly.


Thanks to both of you.

What I wanted to add was a short "Terms & Conditions" saying that we do not control weather and other things so that we don't have to do free reshoots if the weather is crummy or the property is not ready for photos.  Probably not generic for everyone.

Ah, yes, I agree. It's coming soon!

Since this thread is from 2.5 years ago, has this been implemented?

Yes. This has been done awhile ago. Look under the email templates area on the menu in your account.


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