Anyone know how to delete all the photos in a tour? And/Or delete the entire tour rather than just disabling it?

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Anybody? It takes me four clicks to delete one photo. What am I missing?

To delete all photos, go to the NEW TOUR EDITOR. Hold down your SHIFT KEY and select all your images.   Once they're all highlighted, hit the DELETE IMAGES button found in the top right corner of the editor, and .....................  voila.... all gone.

As far as DELETING a tour ........  if already published, good luck trying to figure that one out!


Thanks Mike, and so sorry for taking so long to reply! Yes, I found the button in the new editor! I got sidetracked looking for default settings, assumed it (new editor) was the default since it now requires a valid address to create a tour. Never found it. There was so much hype about it I just assumed (wrong again!) it would at some point BE the default editor.

Thanks again!

My pleasure - glad I could help out!



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