Some of you may have noticed the new "share" button on the right side of your tours. This idea was suggested during the recent community conference call, and we added the feature today.

The feature has only been out for about 8 hours and already it's been used over 20 times. I'd call that a success!

We'd be interesting in hearing your feedback as well.

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As a member of many social media sites, I love the addition. I haven't heard any feedback from my clients yet but most of them are on at least linkedin and facebook, so I assume they will appriciate the addition as well.
Thanks for the feedback. We'll continue to monitor and post info on the usage.

My initial thought is that frankly it won't get used much -- probably more by the realtors/photographers than the end-users.

I am concerned about the ability of this feature making it so easy to essentially "spam" the web with links of houses. My gut feeling is that people are really only receptive to seeing properties when they are in "search mode" looking for property. The only hard stats I can find on how buyers find homes indicate that essentially no one hears about listings from word-of-mouth.

But hey, it's a simple, unobtrusive feature, so if it makes everyone happy then I'm all for trying it out!

Well, I also have a few tours out there for Luxury Vacation Rentals. The propery manager and potential guests could have some fun with the share feature.
I agree with you that any use will be ineffective in marketing the home. However, the clients seem to think it is cool. It allows homeowners to share their tour with friends and family and the Realtors seem to be posting it on their pages.


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