In cleaning up my tour files, I realized from a quick look in a clients tours, I could not tell if they were active, sold or off market without opening the tour information.


I discovered that if I leave the "mls service" window alone, but change the mls number to "SOLD" or "Off Market" It will then appear in the preview of the tours for a particular client.


See the attached image as a sample - I highlighted the changes.


Thought this might be helpful to some of you.


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Very helpful, thanks! Let me think about that and reconcile it with the requests from others.

As a temporary / intermediate measure, I used Carol's idea and just started changing the MLS # to ## SOLD ## (and also put that as the tour header), and turned off the weekly statistics email.

I think that will suffice me for now. Eventually, I'd love the ability to overlay another image on the VT pics & thumbnails -- so I can make graphics that say "Sold!" or "Accepted Offer" or "Sold Above Asking Price!" or "Sold WIthin 7 Days" -- those sorts of things.  

I agree fully!! It would be great to have a CUSTOM overlay option (limited by # of characters so that it fits) so that we can add our own comments as mentioned above  - Sold!" or "Accepted Offer" or "Sold Above Asking Price!" or "Sold WIthin 7 Days".

Also the ability to simply make a listing Active or Inactive (one check box) and "SOLD" (one check box)  from the "Tours" list page (under the Options column maybe)  would be helpful, rather than having to open up the "Info" page for each tour, scroll to the bottom, check the box, and save!!! TOO MANY STEPS!


SOLD or Pending banners are great on 1st image is fine(also on small image in list of tours), and if you built in monthly stats report an option for agent to click on to mark property as sold which would put banner on and stop stats or pending and continue stats,   Whit

Hi All-

We are now actively working on addressing this issue within the system. After a combing through lots of input about this issue from a wide variety of customers, we have come up with what we think will be a good approach to this issue and wanted to solicit your feedback on our plan.

Basically the idea that we've come up with is to consolidate a few related ideas into a single "feature". Here's the related features that customers have asked for:

  • Mark listings as SOLD, UNDER CONTRACT, promote OPEN HOUSE
    • Add a custom sub-heading such as "SOLD: in 7 days!", "OPEN HOUSE: Sat 10-4"
  • Offer an elegant interstitial/splash page that strongly brands the agent
  • Allow sorting/filtering of homes based on the "status"
  • Optionally remove all but a single image for SOLD listings (so you can keep the tour as a testimonial without leaving interior pictures of a home online publicly)
  • Feature should work on all designs.
  • An automated email will be sent to the agent once a listing stops getting traffic asking them if the listing should be archived and offering options to do so, so that "archiving" becomes a self-service thing and should take less customer support time for you.

The combined concept we came up with is to create a splash page where the STATUS and AGENT BRANDING are prominent, the tour loads after the splash page (either automatically or requiring a button press), and the viewer will see a menu item that links back to the splash page.

Please take a look at the attached pictures and share your feedback!


I like the concept - it's elegant and I do like the automated email, requesting tour status from an agent.   


That looks really great! I look forward to trying it out.

Yes, yes, yes.  Great solution.

I myself would not use the notification email.  I like the contact with my clients. Can the email be made optional?

Looks good, don't want/need auto email about archiving, agents/clients would love this feature, simple sold or under contract or contract pending is fine, and would want one on image used on small image in list of agent tours if possible, thanks, Whit

Any estimate when this might be available?

No estimate at this time. It is linked to our project to re-do the designs and will be done as a phase II part of the design re-do.

The time you took to productively come up with a solution that is flexible and useful is invaluable.  You mentioned on your last comment that you were going to add this feature to your second phase that would encompass your next "design re-do."   I know how you don't want to set a date for that specific release, but is it something we could look forward to in 2014?



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