In cleaning up my tour files, I realized from a quick look in a clients tours, I could not tell if they were active, sold or off market without opening the tour information.


I discovered that if I leave the "mls service" window alone, but change the mls number to "SOLD" or "Off Market" It will then appear in the preview of the tours for a particular client.


See the attached image as a sample - I highlighted the changes.


Thought this might be helpful to some of you.


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Nice idea!

Hi Carol

That's a GREAT idea.  I just started putting a SOLD sticker on the front shot of the sold tours - with my branding so that when an agent shows their portfolio page, it looks good to see a lot (hopefully) of SOLD properties.

Oh man that's a great idea, too!
Michael, That's a terrific idea!!!

Someone posted this as a feature request -- let's vote it up!

How are you guys finding the "sold" properties?  Do the agents tell you when they have sold?  To be honest I don't want to spend the time going through all of these to mark them as sold or inactive.  What does this look like for you?

Agents email me when they are sold, because they keep getting the weekly stats report until I mark the tour "inactive".

I have ambitions to add a business process of checking in with agents on old listings, but so far I haven't done anything proactive.

We definitely have plans to allow for something like this from the client panel as well.

Hi Alan,

Any feedback / general timeline when something like that might be implemented?

If it's on the short-term list (eg next month or two), then I'll just skip developing my own process & wait until you have something available.

If it's on the longer term list (eg "someday/maybe"), then I'll probably do my own thing for now. 


We can add it pretty easily; we just aren't really sure exactly what the best solution is.

For instance, there is already a "Heading" that can be changed to "SOLD!" very effectively. However, it's not "graphical" so maybe that's not as useful.

I guess what we need to know is exactly what do people *want* and then it's quite easy to build it.

That said, I'd love to know specifically what you're after. What should a "sold" listing be? Just a text field that can be *anything* or specifically a SOLD status, etc?

Should SOLD's be handled differently in the list views, XML/RSS feeds, etc?


I like the idea of having the option for a banner across the top corner of the front photo, as I think have a graphic is more appealing and impactful.

If there are different meanings of sold around the country, maybe we could have a choice of  "Under Contract" and "SOLD" or if its just as easy to set it up so anything could be in the banner, that might be the best choice.

I would like to see that "SOLD" or whatever one is going to use as just a bold word in the list view...not sure about the RSS/XML.

Here's the end result I want: I want to keep my virtual tours "active" (eg on display) even after they are no longer on the market (sold, de-listed, etc), as my portfolio and the portfolio of my customers (eg "Look at all my sold listings!") 

So with that goal in mind, here's what I would like to see:

  • SOLD banner graphic overlay across the upper right corner of photo(s).  (Even more awesome: In the tour or design, let me specify my own image URL for the overlay, so I can create multiple banners if I want: SOLD, Sold Over Asking, Sold < 7 Days, etc). This would appear on the VT images but also on the thumbnails on search/list pages

  • A "status" field that would appear on the -- maybe next to the MLS # (if populated). In the Edit Panel, this could be simply be a check box (boolean).  Ideally, having this box checked would uncheck / suppress the statistics email.

  • A URL parameter / option (on the public site) to show all/sold/unsold listings

I think those are the primary features I'm interested in. I don't use the RSS/XML feed, so I don't have an opinion on that, but if you add a URL parameter then people would have flexibility, depending on what they want to see.


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