I usually don't do floorplans but potential client was 'introduced' to them by another photographer he interviewed - but that photographer's platform didn't support video clips like Tourbuzz he saw as a feature in mine - so I said "sure". I was aware Tourbuzz supported floorplans, just had never used them. Now my problem. The good news is I have 2 weeks before the shoot. The bad news it - I can't figure out where the design skin is that supports floorplans. I see the examples in the footer link on Tourbuzz's main page, but I cant find them when I go into "Design" within my account. I see where you can change design colors and options, but ithing options, I don't see any that would activate a floorplan tile in the design. Also, I looked at my active tours in "Edit" mode to see if there was something I activate there. Nothing - help!

Please advise what I need to do. 1) Design skin, and 2) hoping it is logical but when setting up the actual tour are there additional options activated for linking scenes to the floorplan. Just assume this is my first time...which it obviously is! The owner is supplying the floorplan as a jpg.

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Hi Larry,

Check out this video: 


It looks slightly different but works exactly the same.


Did you find a floor plain software, or what are you doing?

Thanks from Mahwah NJ

Thanks Paul for the link. That is what I was looking for.

Greg - no need for software as the client is providing the floorplan as a jpg file. No need to use software to create it - which is one of two reasons I don't typically offer or encourage floorplans.

First reason I don't offer is belief that offer too much information. The job is to get people to come to the house and if they see features/layout in the floorplan they have a bias against, that is a reason to scratch off the list. Typical are bedrooms arranged in an order or floors they don't like, or being able to, or not able to, see through to the rear of the house from the front door.

The other reason is my time. I don't want to have to measure rooms and arrange them in correct order with the way some rooms overlap. With my background in architectural drafting I would be so highly accurate to a fault. Tried software in my own home - both interior and exterior landscaping. With some of the curves in property lines, found it easier to draw it as I designed a sprinkler system.


Thanks for getting back to me.

All VERY good reasons not to.

And the 2 that have asked never used me before.

It is picking up in northern New Jersey.

Hope it keeps up!

Have a great season.



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