I'm not a big fan of pans, but my clients love them.  I've been doing 360 pans now for 3 yrs using Tourbuzz.  I always have distortion where as the 360 turns, a door or a couch  look real long or wide until it gets to be in the center of the viewer then it looks normal.  Just recently I have had to use a different camera/lens as mine is in repair.  Now it's even more distorted.   Examples:  Pan Test

1st pan (Urban Meyer's house here in Florida for sale), was done with my Oly 410 11-22 lens, lens set at 11, 12 images around

2nd pan (not Urban's house) was done with a Canon 7D 10-22 lens, lens set at 12 (as I find the camera has lots of distortion in still images if taken out any further)

The images are taken manual raw taken into Lightroom then exported to a smaller size 2400Xwhatever it picks.  Then I stitch in Autopanopro and resize the whole pan prior to rendering.

I find the 2nd Pan with the 10-22 lens to be much more distorted. 

I see that this one taken from the examples from Tourbuzz website doesn't seem to have this issue:

Good Example

Do others have this issue, is it something in my resizing or something I can do to rectify?

Is it because I am resizing each individual image incorrectly?  or is it just the lens that's causing this issue. 

Any thoughts or advise would be greatly appreciated.

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The distortion from a couch or door getting long has nothing to do with how you shoot; it has to do with the way the tours are displayed. If you resize your browser such that the image area is perfectly square, there will be 0 distortion. There is nothing you can do about that, it's just the math of the 3D in flash. We are looking at ways to improve it but our current 3D engine doesn't support advanced camera perspectives to correct this, which makes this tricky to fix.

This is why we added the "max aspect ratio" feature. If you set it to 1:1 there will be no distortion, if you set it to 4:3 or 3:2 there will be minimal distortion.

In the 2nd pano though, the rug looks curved, and that distortion is from your shoot/stitch process. I am not expert at that, though, so I can't offer any ideas of how to remove that.


Thanks Alan, the Max Aspect Ratio works great at 3:2.  I updated my example above and added some other stills etc. to ensure nothing else changed.  and I do lose the large viewing screen for the pans but to be honest I don't think my clients will even notice. 

Where is the Max Aspect Ratio setting?

Update: found it. It's on the initial Info tab for Images...

Just saw your update... note that the setting is a cascading preference, meaning you can set it at the tour, customer, or account level.

OK, now I've lost it again. I click Edit on the photo and there are three tabs, Pano Info, Hotspot Editor, and Camera Editor. What happened to Max Aspect Ratio??

The aspect ratio isn't controller per-image, rather it's set on the Edit Tour "Info" tab.

Why is it there instead of on the edit page

Because the aspect ratio is on the PLAYER not the individual images.

Still confused.... 
In the example the OP gave, there is some links to panos that are not 1:1, and they display much better than mine do in regards to level of distortion. 

1:1 does help... but maybe I Have to straighten things more in PTgui?


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