Please comment on this new Design.  We will be polishing these over the coming weeks.



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I don't like this one as much as the metro design because the words at the top are cutting into the photo and I like that to be clean.

Where would the client logo and photos appear? Oh, and their contact information?

I like this design and the Metro.  I think the thin border around the image on metro should be applied to all these designs.

Love the design!  Very nice work and I'm anxious to see this become available.  My only critique on this and the other designs would be to ensure that we can change the color of the buttons/icons (next photo, volume, scroll bar etc).  I think the yellow shown could be good in the right situation but it tends to make it look a little less classy than if the colors were white/grey/black and the photos do all the attention getting with their color.

Yes, it would be great to be able to adjust colors of the controls, or at least have a number of canned color schemes to select from. The yellow is too distracting, wouldn't color complement most properties or client logos - photos.
Its okay but I think the thumbnails should be replaced with a column showing the image names or available as an option. Having the thumbnails and the large images both visible seems redundant but a column of the names with the name of the currently visible image highlighted with a different color text or contrasting text background would be cleaner and maybe more efficient because an image name weighs less than a thumbnail. With CSS, it would even be more efficient.
I'm not sure how I missed the posts about these new skins...are they available now?  I really like the image name box.  Just not the yellow controls.

Hey Michelle,

We are having to go back and do an infrastructure project in Flash to support everything we want to do going forward.  We have contracted a Flash expert to make this happen in the fastest most efficient way.  It is important that we get this correct so we can add new designs easily and let you bring new designs as well.


We will keep you update on the progress. This was an unexpected Adobe Flash issue that made it very painful(expensive) to create, implement and maintain new designs.


We want to thank everyone for their patience and support.



Thanks Paul.  I was just reading up on the other posts I missed. 

You guys are awesome!  Keep up the good work.


I agree. You guys are awesome!! Thanks for all you do. :)

Thanks.  It is great to work with a bunch of dedicated professionals that just want to provide the best service possible for their clients. It keeps us pressing forward.


We appreciate the passion that all of you bring.



We appreciate a service where we can express that passion and be heard. You're the only one that does, and I'm certain I can say that on behalf of all TourBuzz members...many of us have played the field long enough to know.




I second that!


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