Are there specific instructions somewhere how the upload to YouTube process works.

How far I got with a test:

a) I have myself set-up as a customer and have an active virtual tour.

b) I went to my customer client panel and clicked on YouTube and entered in my YouTube account details.

c)  Then went to one of my active virtual tours and clicked on it's client panel and clicked on Request a Video Export.

d)  An email was sent to my email address telling me that someone requested a video. 

this is where I am now, after establishing pricing etc., do I then go into that particular virtual tour and generate the youtube video? and once it is generated I then tell the client that it is ready.  They then go into their client panel and upload?  or is there something else that allows them to generate the video to allow them to upload?  I'm kind of confused at this point and don't really want to upload anything, just figuring it out so I can offer it to my clients.


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Hey Pat-

To buy a video version of the tour, just go to the "Export Tour as Video" link on the edit page of the tour.

Our system will automatically notify you and/or the customer when the video is ready.

If the customer has already configured their YouTube account, it will auto-upload to YouTube and the YouTube link will be in the email sent out when the video is ready.

If the customer configures YouTube *after* the video has already been created, there is a link to automatically upload to YouTube available for any videos that pre-existed the YouTube setup.

So basically, it's literally a 1-click process to buy a video and send it to YouTube and notify the customer. There is one additional one-time step for the customer to set up their YouTube channel, but it is discoverable and self-directed, such that if you "buy" a video for a customer, they will basically be prompted to add their YouTube credentials when the video is ready.

LMK if you have further questions!

So if I choose Export Tour as Video - I will be billed at end of month even if they change their mind and don't upload it?  or is it charged to me when it is uploaded?

We bill at the end of the month for any videos generated. We don't accept "returns" of unused videos.

It really doesn't matter to us how it's used. Some people are using them without ever uploading to YouTube; the videos are great for DVDs or to carry with you on a smartphone as an "offline tour".

However, you don't need to generate the video until they commit to using it, so I don't think this will be much of a problem. We've built hundreds of videos already and this hasn't been a problem at all.

Many customers have generated a sample video and show that so the agents can make an informed decision.

Got it thank you!


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