What Browser is the most used by Tourbuzz photographers? 

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I use only firefox.

I had problems with Firefox and Tourbuzz, everything still worked, its just sometimes Tourbuzz would seem to lock up or go into what seemed like a endless loop, take forever for pics to load, if I let it go that long, I'd have to restart my whole process.   I guess its normal to expect some problems.  Thanks.

I use 3 browsers, Safari, Firefox and Chrome, none seem to work any better than the other

Firefox usually works fine but the Firefox team updates the browser often and occasionally there updates break the browser on our site. They usually put out patches within a day or 2 to fix them.

Chrome has been stable for me.

Sorry for the hassles. Between browser updates and internet hiccups during uploading, sometimes results are not as expected.

Please let us know if you restart your browser and still have issues. We do fix code on our end at times to accommodate browser changes.



I'm using Chrome this download. A problem I'm having right now is my pictures are taking too long to upload, its a small house, not a lot of pics, in using the New Tour Editor it shows a list of the images in the bottom left corner and it tells me its Processing Images, but its been processing a while, I'm not seeing the images numbers change so not really sure what its doing.  This would be a good time to be able to cancel the download and start all over.

Another problem I'm frequently having, when I load images and I'm going down the list naming each picture, and hit save, the download doesn't recognize if its a Still or a Pan, I have to go back through the list and choose which it is. Its not a biggie, but it does take time.

I just wonder if this is because of the browser or what.


Doesn't sound like a browser issue to me. Depending on what program you use to edit your images prior to uploading them, it would, in most cases, save you a lot of time to establish a naming convention for your files that allows auto-detection. For example, 001_Exterior.jpg would automatically be picked up by the system and labeled "Exterior." Big time saver.

I can't find the support page on TB where it discusses pano detection, but I remember a specific way you're supposed to either name the files or have at least a certain ratio of height to width that tells the system it's a pano instead of a still.

As to the speed of processing, the processing occurs on the server side, not within the browser. If I had to guess, I'd say you're sending huge files which make everything take longer. If you upload all images sized at 4200 pixels on the long side of the image, that will cut down your upload and processing time.

I've never had any issues with Safari on my Mac. I just wish people would dump Internet Explorer so we could get on-board with HTML5 for the desktop tours.

Internet Explorer: The #1 Browser Used to Download a Better Browser.

Problems I usually have are, I guess, might be considered minor, but they still take a way time. sometimes time matters.  Maybe a better question I should be asking is what problems people have with different browsers.

Thanks for the responses.


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