Is there a way to have the text displayed for a website link different than the actual url? Something like 'Visit Website' would be good.

I have an agent without a personal site. So I'd like to use their personal page on their corporate's site. But the link shows the entire url including the query.

How can I clean this up? Is this dependent on the template?

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Basically you want to mask the URL link.   Here's an HTML sample you can use as reference:

<A HREF="mywebpage.html">This will show as clickable</A>

Also, certain programs have user dialogues to easily create what you're looking for.  Here's a sample using Microsoft Outlook.

Thanks Michael. Sorry if I didn't make it clear: In the edit agent form there's one field "Contact Website" with http:// already there. That's where I put the url to the agent's page, and the entire url then displays in the branded VT as the link text.

I tried the html as you suggested but it doesn't work. Apparently that field doesn't accept html.

There isn't a separate "Link Text" field that I can see.


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