The local agents love these Aerial Fly Ins.  They show the location of the listing and the surrounding area.  It saves them money for a Drone or Pole Photography.   These MP4s are 1 minute 30 seconds long.  We provide them to you in a DropBox.  You must pay the $15 PayPal Invoice before the video is delivered.  

Here is a link to a TourBuzz Virtual Tour with an Aerial Fly In .

You can see YouTube Sample here.

I also have a page on my website about them.

When I saw another local photographer publish a virtual tour with an Astro Zoom I found out they are produce by RTV only for their clients for $15.  They also charge their clients way over $500 to be a member and $15 for their virtual tours.

You are way ahead of these photographers by using TourBuzz.  Now you can also have an Astro Zoom called an Aerial Fly In to be far more competitive.

Did you know you cannot fly a Drone to take your images within a 5 mile radius of all Airports unless you call the tower at these airports to get permission?  There is a $10,000 fine if caught.   I wonder if the agent is also held responsible since they hired the owner of the Drone.  Read the myths and facts about drones.All unmanned aircraft used for commercial or business purposes “are subject to FAA regulation. At a minimum, any such flights require a certified aircraft and a certificated pilot,” the bulletin said, and flights conducted for commercial and business purposes are not exempt under the special rule for model aircraft.  Do you see now why an Aerial Fly In will keep you safe.

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